Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things ჯუნე copy

Despite someone stealing our first homegrown strawberry, it’s been a good week…

: Little local shmoog’s snaggle tooth. This little black dog always seems so quiet and scared, but I’ve been saying hello and feeding him sausages from our window for a while now. So when he was sunbathing next to the car the other day I finally got a closer look at him to see the most adorable snaggle tooth! His tail was wagging too, I’ve made a friend.

2: Napping. It always makes me feel like I’ve landed on another planet but Shota and I had time last Sunday to nap together for about 2 hours. Amazing.

3: Food shopping! I love buying food and spending time doing domestic things. I know I’m officially an adult now that I get excited about aisles of rice. I did a rubbish food haul thing which I’ll add on to the next vlog, most likely this weekend.

4: Finally getting my head around something I’ve been having issues with.. Vague, I know, but it’s a good thing since now it shouldn’t bother me so much.

5: Having a good chinwag with my step-mum. She just gets it, y’know?

6: Being confided in by several different people. I don’t know, a lot of people around me seem to be having a hard time lately, so I’m glad that they communicated their issues but also I’m happy they found me secure enough to talk to about them as well.

7: Jacques Brel. This one is one of my favourite songs ever, this one is perfect, dramatic and exciting, and this one is a wonderful cover by Nina Simone. It’s worth watching this entire Montreux set too.

Edit – this is perfect for summer, listen now! I escaped my musical rut!

8: Sex and the City, especially the early episodes. I need some ’90s cheese occasionally, and Samantha is my spirit animal. Probably the only TV series I sat and watched in one weekend…

9: Chocolate rice cakes. I need more, and may have to make a special trip for them.

10: Although not a good thing at all, the amount of people helping the dog shelter in Tbilisi which was flooded this week. We had the worst weather and people are going there to help clean up and wash the dogs which are alive – over 20 of them drowned. I’m going there this weekend with food and blankets. You can donate on the website, any help is appreciated!

How was your week? I’d love to hear what you got up too!


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