Summer Wishlist!

1: F&F Chino City Shorts

I am in love with this style, they’re so elegant but can easily be worn down for a more casual look. I love high-waisted anything and find them more flattering and comfortable, but I’d have to try on a pair like this first since the cut might not sit well on wider hips. However, navy blue is always a good idea, you can see how much I’m liking it at the moment from this image!

2: Light Blue Jacquard Bardot Neck Pleated Midi Dress

Look how pretty it is! Probably my most favourite cut for a dress, and the colour isn’t something I usually like but would be perfect for summer! I love the scooped back too, I’m always on the search for something like that.

3Navy Winged Tote Bag

The colours are perfect, it’s big, it’s practical, it would go with everything… Want!

4Daisy Jacquard Bardot Top

You can see I’m really liking this cut at the moment. Again with the blues but this pattern is gorgeous, and that’s from a girl who always avoids patterns. I think it’s subtle enough that I’d be happy to wear it though. I really like this style of top and have a few similar but I can’t help but feel it ends up more like a bra for those of us with bigger boobs. It’s not the most flattering and looks slightly longer length in the model’s photos. If I can get hold of it I’d wear it anyway though, so beautiful.

5Pleated Skirt

Again, it has a pattern but very subtle. It’s such a pretty shape too, I live in skirts like that, especially in summer when pencil skirts become to suffocating. Blue and white is by far one of the best colour schemes too, so charming.

6Asos Dot Texture Blazer with Slim Lapel

I’ve been looking for a light jacket/blazer/duster and this seems ideal. I love the material, it livens it up a little. The colour isn’t something I’d usually be attracted to either but it seems like it would match most things I would potentially wear it with (especially if I managed to acquire most of this list). I should introduce more red/pink/purple tones in my wardrobe because when I wear them I get quite a few compliments. I read somewhere that Aries tend to suit reds because they’re firey but it might just be because people rarely see me in brighter colours. Either way, this seems a good way to introduce it!

7Gorgeous DD+ Light Yellow spotted non-padded DD-H cup balcony bra

Several things about this one that imply that I’m either growing up and developing new tastes, or I’ve become nonchalant. First, it’s non-padded. I’ve mentioned the qualms of a larger bust before but to go to non-padded bras I find quite risky. I don’t mean chicken fillet padded, but just a slightly thicker material to hide any enthusiastic nipples. However, this would be so much more comfortable and breathable for summer (Georgian summers are the stickiest and most tiring, so it’s all about practicality) and isn’t it the cutest corn-coloured yellow?

That’s the other thing, I avoid yellow too, being quite pale I don’t find it flattering, but this just makes me want to prance around meadows, it’s so cute! Besides, Debenhams are my favourite for bras. They have some quite nice styles for larger boobs without looking really maternal or boring. Nowhere near as good as smaller cups in most places but much more flattering whilst still supporting properly.

8Suede Sling Wedge with Stain Away

Bear with me, I know M&S is a bit for old ladies, but I love their shoes. I need comfortable shoes, that support me and my wide flipper feet. These look like they’d do the job, whilst being quite a cute style too. They’re not exactly showy, but that’s not my thing anyway. All shoes I’ve had from M&S have been comfortable and lasted well too, so I think these would do just fine.

What do you think? Forgive my navy blue obsession. It’s a bit weird that I’m attracted to dark blue and pale yellow now because as a kid I hated (and I mean really hated, it made me feel sick) this packaging. I guess I had a bad experience with Germolene or something, and we had that exact tin at home which now makes me swoon over vintage packaging design. I dunno, life is funny sometimes.


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