Ten things that made me happy this week!

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What a week! It’s been productive, beautiful and inspiring. Tonight we’re off to watch some electronic music too, it’s all happening in Tbilisi!

1: This beautiful summer weather! Bare legs, picnics in the grass, flowers, sunglasses.. Ahh.

2: Independence Day, check out my post to see more, even a vlog! It’s always nice to see community spirit in action.

3: French radio in Georgia. Joe Dassin is always a good idea.

4: A freak storm in Mtskheta with huge hail stones, I love when nature reminds us who’s in charge.

5: Our fruiting strawberry plant! So exciting!

6: These yellow flowers that are everywhere, makes me want to gallop around meadows.

7: Skyping friends back home, it makes me so nostalgic but nice to know they’re only a Skype call away.

8: This adorable dog in Mtskheta, see how cute in my vlog!

9: Organising potentially starting distance learning uni in October, wish me luck!

10: Foxes. I’ve seen two grey foxes this week and they’re quite rare here. It’s not like in London where they’re more common than cats. I love them there too.

How was your week? I’d love to hear all about it!


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