Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things may 2

It’s been a heavy week with high emotions and lots of work, I’m just reminding myself that it’s good to feel alive! Vimeh deda… Anyway, here’s just ten things that have made me grin this week, not in disbelief, but in pure mindful happiness.

: Strawberry season!

2: An art deco park we found named after Lavrentiy Beria as he lived there in the 1930’s (I think?).

3: A game called Dictator that I’m finding satisfies my angry urges.

4: David Bowie graffiti. Unfortunately I missed taking a photo!

5: Looking in to distance studying, and finding what seems to be the perfect course!

6: Finding time to watch a film with Shota, we’re putting on An American in Paris when I’m done with this post. Lord, do I need it after the day we’ve had…

7: Shota’s job promotion! I’m not sure I should say much more but exciting things are occurring here.

8: Feeling like I was in a musical running for the bus saying ‘gamarjoba! gamarjoba!’ to everyone as I ran past.

9: Obliterating sexist arseholes who decide it’s appropriate to tell me obscene things because I’m female and foreign. Arsehole.

10: Experiencing this ASMR thing all of a sudden the other day. I thought it was a load of codswallop until Friday and I’ve been feeling a bit weird about it since, the brain does some amazing things! Or maybe it was thanks to all the Terrence McKenna I’ve been listening to…

How has your week been? Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are!


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