Living in Verbs!


On the billboard in the background it says ‘dro’ which means ‘time’ in Georgian alphabet. I think it’s an art piece, but I like it. The billboard was on fire before so you can read of it what you will.

Fancied doing one of these again, atleast to refresh my brain before I dive into work today…

Eating Buckwheat. God, I can’t get enough of kasha at the moment, it goes with everything

Drinking  Green tea, possibly my favourite drink after water

Reading ‘The Stranger’ by Camus. It’s an odd one that’s for sure.

Loving White and dark green everything. I’m itching for the flat to be ready so I can decorate it!

Wearing a bodywarmer. Still. In May. Tbilisi, you’ve let me down with your apparent subtropical weather this year.

Planning my trip back home!

Baking I haven’t baked anything properly in ages. I’ve been lazy with cooking lately, it gets me down.

Anticipating the flat being ready. Agh.

Craving fruit and nut Cadbury’s chocolate… It’s a hard life.

Listening to the glorious Terrence McKenna. He titillates my brain.

Wondering how the hell it’s possible to be so damn loud. Inner voices don’t exist here.

Learning how to adjust my damn white balance. Any tips for a Lumix Panasonic GF2 would be greatly appreciated!

Searching for good sunscreens to wear everyday. Someone recommend some for me to pick up when I get home next?

Cooking stir fry, you can’t go wrong.

Wishing for a non-Tory government.

Choosing which workout I’m gonna do today. I’ve barely exercised this week so it should be something sweaty.

Trying to find a moment’s quiet to record some videos. Lord help me.

What’s new with you? I’m gonna get some work done – busy week!


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