2015 General Election Thoughts


I feel a bit idle, as I can’t vote being abroad. I applied to use proxy but didn’t receive anything after registration. I personally would have voted Greens, and I know a lot of people my age are also going to vote Green. I did one of these online quizzes and it said I agree mostly with Labour but I can’t help but feel like they’re all bark, no bite.

It feels like people are really excited about it this year, as no one party is coming across as a clear winner. Perhaps they feel like that every year, and every year are let down by promised policies and warped priorities.

For me, I’d just be happy to get Conservatives out. The thing with the Conservatives is that people tend to just vote for who their parents voted for, and it becomes more of an image thing rather than actually reading and agreeing with their policies.

I know too many people who vote for Conservatives with the deluded idea that, as working-class students, it will benefit them.

People don’t like to read, that’s the problem. As soon as they hear something outside of their comfort zone, they stick their fingers in their ears and yell until it goes away. It doesn’t, it just gets bigger and we get desensitised to it. Things that require basic logic are overlooked for the benefit of cohorts in the City of London.

For example, the NHS debt problem could easily be fixed if you take some of the money away from Trident missile programs and use that money to help the people, rather than kill other peoples’ people. Watch this for a better explanation, thanks Russell.

I don’t know, I’m pretty fed up with it all. It’s such an ingrained thing now that the people will keep voting for the same thing over and over. Russell Brand is right, a revolution is necessary. It’s not gonna be easy though when the people are convinced that because we have our iPhones and our Starbucks, we live a better life than people in mud huts in Africa.

I’m not so sure. If living in Georgia has taught me anything, it’s that these systems are fragile, always, no matter how seemingly embedded they are for the last few centuries. In Georgia the political state is a mess, and with that almost anyone can come in and try their game at it.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Revolutions are every few years here – the people know that they have the power if they don’t like what’s happening. They haven’t got the luxury here as we do in the UK to be apathetic to who will be in charge because things are still raw enough that the people can see exactly how it will directly affect them.

In the UK people vote with the quiet assumption that nothing major will happen. Their money will keep being drained, the wealthiest 1% will keep their tax free haven holidays and more and more food banks will open. It will have to get like 1984 before people wake up out of their daze and realise that it’s real life, and their reality is poverty and injustice when they walk past plump bankers who spend several thousand on lunch without having to think twice about it.

Capitalism is messed up, and just because people have shiny screens in front of their faces, and can save up desperately for a holiday to Spain, they don’t see any issue with it. There’s no perspective because it’s too big, it’s been warped for the last few generations and look where that’s got us.

I don’t know, I’m past cynical when it comes to this. People just aren’t enthusiastic about things like this anymore, no matter how much they argue about it over Facebook, they don’t have any real concept of their own potential.

If I could vote today (and I’d like to because Suffragettes and all that) I would vote Green. I don’t care how ridiculous they might seem, it’s about time we started taking the planet seriously since it’s on it’s last legs. I did one of those online opinion things and I apparently agree most with Labour, but I find the big ones as bad as each other when it comes to screwing up their priorities and letting everyone down. I hope that they atleast will be in charge though if noone else.

And god forbid not UKIP, don’t get me started on UKIP and this ridiculous wave of Skinhead Nationalism that has swept the UK and Europe. My whole life I’ve seen British people leeching off benefits, never foreign people. That’s not even the worst part, the fact that people leeching off benefits are safe because they’re white can earn more than someone working two jobs fulltime and still can’t afford to fix their car is an issue. I’m pretty sure that UKIP could afford to buy these poor people a pint (blergh) from the money they’ve been handing to their friends in The City. Ugh, makes me sick.

Jeremy Clarkson types… Again Russell Brand explains perfectly what I mean by that here, this is probably my favourite episode by him where he really manages to articulate things that I hadn’t been able to materialise before.

I’ll resist ranting further. Fed up isn’t the word for it!

I’d love to hear what you think? It’s always a controversial issue, isn’t it?


11 thoughts on “2015 General Election Thoughts

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Extremely well written. It is a terrible shame that the antipathy felt by the British public to politicians is so widespread. No one actually really believes that anyone is capable of fixing the system because there are so many variables. All I personally would like to see is someone strong stand up and take the country by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake. The policies of the parties are simply media driven. They think they respond to the people, they get the vote. Simple.
    We need to get back to basics, drop the hate and start thinking about our neighbour and I am sure by doing this people will start to become more valued and therefore better versions of themselves. If a company looks after it’s employees, productivity goes up and everyone wins. Why should there be such a void with little pipsqueaks filling the gaps supporting the wrong politics for their own ends. The consumer crazy and greed is good in the consumers eyes.
    I too have voted Green but not really out of a desire to help my planet, that, I am sure will come regardless of who is in power. No I have voted Green because I didn’t want to waste my vote, am not a skinhead trying to revive the National Front under the leadership of Nigel Farage and I couldn’t trust the others to sit the right way round on a toilet seat.
    Sad isn’t it.


  2. eloquentdeviance says:

    There are a lot of good points in this post. I am an American on extended vacation in Scotland to visit my boyfriend, so I watched the election unfold. While here, I have had my eyes open to many things that my own country could take note from. I am very familiar with the voter’s apathy you speak of, as people in my country do not get as engaged as they should in the process, what with so many distractions (race warfare, class warfare, gender inequality, etc) being perpetrated by the system and mass media. People don’t stop and think that maybe these things are something that we as a nation need to fix, and the infighting shields their eyes from what is really going on. Then you have those that are so down on their luck because of the economy, they are trying just to make ends meet and think they don’t have the time to worry about what is going on. Others are just complacent and don’t care. I was pulled out of this, and though I have always known that apathy gives way to misery, now I see how it could be, and how we can change it. Am I cynical, yes, but not without the optimism that it CAN change if we believe in it. If we make our voice heard. I saw that myself. I saw people in George Square of all nationalities, creeds, and backgrounds rallying under one cause. And in the end, the SNP took the vast majority of the seats here. An entire country with an almost completely unified belief. Now THAT was something to see. Perhaps, one day, people will wake up and see that when you have a cause to rally behind, being apathetic is not an option.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, I completely agree! It must’ve been so encouraging to see what Scotland have done this last year, and especially at the election. I would prefer to be Scottish right now if I’m honest, I would’ve voted SNP!
      It goes to show that this system is outdated, and the people don’t want it anymore. I can only hope that Scotland succeed, since they can’t be ignored. Then hopefully the rest of us will take a leaf out of their book…
      I’d love to hear more about how you find Scotland by the way! I’ve never actually been there!

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      • eloquentdeviance says:

        It really was encouraging, especially after coming from a country where people can’t stop arguing long enough to face the real problems. It drives me mental at times, seeing what no one else wants to see. I am hoping that people will see Scotland’s example as well.
        It is really beautiful here! This is my first time out of the country, and I have had enough time to see not just what tourists see, but also what locals see. Everything from sprawling mountain ranges to hidden waterfalls, Loch Ness, Stirling Castle, and many, many pubs. I am hoping to pop down to Polperro in Cornwall before I leave, since it is the inspiration for a few adventure/ horror games I have played.


      • itstartedinoxford says:

        I can only imagine! America always surprises me, and unfortunately Britain is heading the same way. Scotland are keeping it real, it seems!
        So glad you’re enjoying, it always looks so beautiful, when I move back to the UK I’ll definitely schedule in a Scottish road trip (: Cornwall is great, my step-mum is from there so we used to visit quite a lot. She lived not too far from there, in Launceston and I’m always jealous of her family who can pop to the beach easily! I’m sure you’ll notice a massive difference between the north of the island and the south of the island. Which adventure/horror games? My friend loves that kind of thing, I’ll have to tell her (:

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      • eloquentdeviance says:

        Yes indeed! In a way I dread going back to my country, but I can only hope that one day the things I have seen can spread to others, so they’ll see that some of the ideas they dismiss are not actually a bad thing. I’ll have plenty of time in college to talk to people around my age and hopefully get them involved in the process, seeing as they too will be paying the $20,000 one year tuition. (It’s insane to me that students still have to pay to go to college to get a good paying job or just not go at all. If America got its priorities straight this would be a non-issue, plus those students would then in turn be able to pay more in taxes after getting a job that pays more than minimum wage or below, thus in time paying for itself.)
        I believe that pictures of Scotland really don’t do it justice. It is a land of such varied and at times extreme beauty. You definitely should plan a road trip! The drives through here are as beautiful as the destinations.
        The horror games are series developed or partially developed by Jonathan Boakes. For Polperro, these are the Lost Crown and Barrow Hill. Barrow Hill was based loosely on the stone circle found near Polperro, while the Lost Crown was set in a world heavily based on Polperro and the surrounding areas. You can see some of the screen shots and tell that they are basically replicas of certain areas. Then there is the Dark Fall series, which is based in one game on an abandoned trainstation in Dorset I believe, then in the second game the lore is inspired by the tale of Flannan Isle.


      • itstartedinoxford says:

        Positivity is key here I think, despite how fruitless it might seem at first. It’s insane, when I despair at English uni prices then I’m comforted when I see how it is in the US. Christ. I say we all copy Germany and Scandinavia then go from there…

        You’ve cemented this idea, as soon as I’m there it’s happening!

        Woah I had no idea, that’s interesting, thank you (: I’ll ask my friend if she knows this (:

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      • eloquentdeviance says:

        I try to always keep somewhat of a positive mind. I am the realist, while my boyfriend is the optimist, so we balance each other out. lol
        I look forward to seeing how you find it here!
        You are welcome, let me know if she has heard of it, or if not how she finds the games.

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