Pit Stop: Mukha on Akhvlediani Street

Bear with me, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a cafe this cute so I’m quite excited…

I told you I’d venture back to Akhvlediani Street. It’s such a convenient location, Shota and I always end up meeting there because of where we both work. This street for me is a taste of home, kind of. I miss foreign food and having a lot to choose from so it feels more natural for me to have a street full of worldly cuisines rather than khinkali house after khinkali house.

We decided to make a quick stop here, because it looked nice and we fancied relaxing. It soon turned into a more romantic scene with a lit candle melting down a gorgeous blue bottle (that stuff kills me) and the cutest bunch of flowers that look like they’d been picked by the neighbour’s kid who gets thanked with free cupcakes.

We decided to opt for a little lemon tart (to share, how darling) and some rosehip hibiscus tea. There was a little confusion over what the tea was exactly as Shota wanted to know what it was in Georgian too, but if you go there (which I recommend) then it’s the red tea, or tsiteli chai. Otherwise go for green, never disappoints!

I loved this tea, it was so refreshing and I don’t try new teas as often as I’d like here since most places just serve Black and occasionally Green. If I see new tea, I try it. Actually, so far, Wendy’s has the biggest tea selection which is cheaper and good if you just fancy a cuppa, but Mukha Sakatukha has the vibe too, y’know?

Mukha‘ is the name for oak, and in particular when you boil the oak bark to create a sort of tea. This stuff saved me as I’ve mentioned somewhere before, so if you ever have extreme food poisoning, try it. You’ll be better within hours.

Anyway, the service was nice enough, she was happy to chat with us for a while and quite smiley. The place was so nicely decorated and I found it adorable. The lemon tart was good, of course. Nice and sour. The menu was quite varied and everything looked and smelt good, so no doubt we’ll come back to try a few things soon.

There were more French dishes than Georgian and definitely better for lunch dishes instead of dinner, but seems well worth the price. (30GEL is expensive here, but really it’s only a tenner so not bad at all). I’ll give it a solid 8/10 but most likely more when I try some of the big dishes.

I spent most of the time swooning over these flowers, which has inspired me to fill our garden to the brim as soon as possible!


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