Ten things that made me happy this week!

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What a week! It’s been productive, beautiful and inspiring. Tonight we’re off to watch some electronic music too, it’s all happening in Tbilisi!

1: This beautiful summer weather! Bare legs, picnics in the grass, flowers, sunglasses.. Ahh.

2: Independence Day, check out my post to see more, even a vlog! It’s always nice to see community spirit in action.

3: French radio in Georgia. Joe Dassin is always a good idea.

4: A freak storm in Mtskheta with huge hail stones, I love when nature reminds us who’s in charge.

5: Our fruiting strawberry plant! So exciting!

6: These yellow flowers that are everywhere, makes me want to gallop around meadows.

7: Skyping friends back home, it makes me so nostalgic but nice to know they’re only a Skype call away.

8: This adorable dog in Mtskheta, see how cute in my vlog!

9: Organising potentially starting distance learning uni in October, wish me luck!

10: Foxes. I’ve seen two grey foxes this week and they’re quite rare here. It’s not like in London where they’re more common than cats. I love them there too.

How was your week? I’d love to hear all about it!


Ten things that made me happy this week!

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Phew, what a week! I’ve been smiling the whole time and everything just feels so fresh now the sun is shining. I’ve also decided to start vlogging too so expect to see that in a few days if I can find some software to cope with my file formats…

1: The summer weather meaning that it’s warm enough for me to prance around in skirts and sleep nude, freeedommm!

2: Similarly the fact that I’ve barely worn a bra this week. This was so good it deserved it’s own point.

3: Walking up early to have breakfast with Shota. I’m itching until we can do that but on our balcony instead!

4: Falling in love with stray dogs, always. One in Mtskheta followed me down the street and dropped at my feet for belly rubs every chance she could. Nothing makes me happier!

5: Flower picking during our job yesterday morning. Jogging was fun too but god, it’s been so long since I got my hands sticky.

6: Ireland voting YES to gay marriage, go Ireland!

7: Baby birds nesting outside our window, and the swallows in our doorway. What more can I say, I can even see past the bird poop.

8: Having our own chauffeur. Plain weird but I’m just smug that I’m being driven by a chauffeur before I’ve learnt how to drive. It’s a long story and is seriously weird and fancy for us, so I’m just as sceptical as you are.

9: Stumbling onto the set of a Bollywood Nazi film. The best bit was the old mumma shmoog who kept barking during the filming.

10: Massages. After blasting through work this week I seriously needed it.

Tell me about something that’s made you grin this week!

Ten things that made me happy this week!

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It’s been a heavy week with high emotions and lots of work, I’m just reminding myself that it’s good to feel alive! Vimeh deda… Anyway, here’s just ten things that have made me grin this week, not in disbelief, but in pure mindful happiness.

: Strawberry season!

2: An art deco park we found named after Lavrentiy Beria as he lived there in the 1930’s (I think?).

3: A game called Dictator that I’m finding satisfies my angry urges.

4: David Bowie graffiti. Unfortunately I missed taking a photo!

5: Looking in to distance studying, and finding what seems to be the perfect course!

6: Finding time to watch a film with Shota, we’re putting on An American in Paris when I’m done with this post. Lord, do I need it after the day we’ve had…

7: Shota’s job promotion! I’m not sure I should say much more but exciting things are occurring here.

8: Feeling like I was in a musical running for the bus saying ‘gamarjoba! gamarjoba!’ to everyone as I ran past.

9: Obliterating sexist arseholes who decide it’s appropriate to tell me obscene things because I’m female and foreign. Arsehole.

10: Experiencing this ASMR thing all of a sudden the other day. I thought it was a load of codswallop until Friday and I’ve been feeling a bit weird about it since, the brain does some amazing things! Or maybe it was thanks to all the Terrence McKenna I’ve been listening to…

How has your week been? Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are!

Living in Verbs!


On the billboard in the background it says ‘dro’ which means ‘time’ in Georgian alphabet. I think it’s an art piece, but I like it. The billboard was on fire before so you can read of it what you will.

Fancied doing one of these again, atleast to refresh my brain before I dive into work today…

Eating Buckwheat. God, I can’t get enough of kasha at the moment, it goes with everything

Drinking  Green tea, possibly my favourite drink after water

Reading ‘The Stranger’ by Camus. It’s an odd one that’s for sure.

Loving White and dark green everything. I’m itching for the flat to be ready so I can decorate it!

Wearing a bodywarmer. Still. In May. Tbilisi, you’ve let me down with your apparent subtropical weather this year.

Planning my trip back home!

Baking I haven’t baked anything properly in ages. I’ve been lazy with cooking lately, it gets me down.

Anticipating the flat being ready. Agh.

Craving fruit and nut Cadbury’s chocolate… It’s a hard life.

Listening to the glorious Terrence McKenna. He titillates my brain.

Wondering how the hell it’s possible to be so damn loud. Inner voices don’t exist here.

Learning how to adjust my damn white balance. Any tips for a Lumix Panasonic GF2 would be greatly appreciated!

Searching for good sunscreens to wear everyday. Someone recommend some for me to pick up when I get home next?

Cooking stir fry, you can’t go wrong.

Wishing for a non-Tory government.

Choosing which workout I’m gonna do today. I’ve barely exercised this week so it should be something sweaty.

Trying to find a moment’s quiet to record some videos. Lord help me.

What’s new with you? I’m gonna get some work done – busy week!

Creative Blogger Award


Thank you Chelsea for the nomination! I’m so flattered that you guys are nominating me for awards, it means so much to me that my ramblings are somehow resonating. Definitely go and look at Chelsea’s blog. She writes about her life in New York, and she exudes positivity!

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.

2. Share five facts about yourself to your readers.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links.

4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.

5. Pass these rules on to them.

Five Fun Facts About Yours Truly

  1. I’ve studied graphic design for over 5 years but can’t bring myself to go back to it yet!
  2. My great-great paternal grandparents were from Russia and Poland, then emigrated to the UK in the early 1900s.
  3. I wish I could swim better!
  4. No matter when or where, if I see an animal I will squeal and say hello.
  5. I used to have a pet ferret, called Fiddles, who I miss terribly.


Take a gander at these blogs, they all have such engaging writing and I can’t recommend them enough! Enjoy your awards, even if you don’t want to write a post on it too, I understand. Have a glorious day!