Gardenia Shevardnadze

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Saturday morning meant flowers, cake and hand-holding. Stay tuned, lots of pretty pictures coming up!

The weather was perfect on Saturday so Shota and I ventured to Gardenia Shevardnadze, a garden center/cafe which is located on a street I can’t remember the name of, not too far from Station Square, if you get the 111 bus and get off before Gino Paradise.

I was thrilled, not only because I could spend some uninterrupted time with my Sweet doing something relaxing rather than obligatory but also because I’m an adult now and get excited about potted plants and greenhouses.

Fortunately for us, Gardenia Shevardnadze is only a short bus or taxi ride from where we live, which also means the air is fresh and the land is spacious, so it’s worth having a wander around that area when you’re finished there.

It’s quite a small area really, compared to similar things in the UK anyway, but quite nicely full of people and their toddlers bumbling around. One thing that did annoy me is that people are still incessantly smoking which obviously ruins it a bit, so I just shoved my nose into the nearest flower instead.

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We wandered round for a while, stopping to soak up some vitamin D while Shota asked the man working if they had almond or lemon trees. They apparently had lemon trees but seemed busy and never actually got round to finding them for us.

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We decided to adopt a cute little strawberry plant and also a mint one, ready to plant in our garden whenever the weather cooperates with us. Shota managed to cultivate the ground around the trees anyway but as I type this there’s a thunder storm happening…

The strawberry plant was 5GEL and the mint plant was 3GEL, so quite a bargain!

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Aren’t they the cutest? Apparently they grow quite easily but until we put a fence up to keep the chickens away, they’ll just have to stay pretty on our window sill.

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As always, whenever I visit somewhere new (or am outside for that matter) I need to sit and eat something. I guess I got used to always trying new places in London and cafe-hopping with my friend from Buenos Aires. No-one knows cafe culture like the Argentinians and I’m hoping Tbilisi will soon catch on.

I had a ‘birthday blini’ the night before, which was basically a crepe filled with banana and chocolate. I’m not the biggest fan of pancakes and crepes anyway so it was disappointing and I can’t go without my birthday cake. The Veganism took a break for a few days since there was no chance of a Vegan birthday cake for me in Tbilisi, so Shota treated me to a ‘Zebra’ cake which we shared, kind of…

P1080512 copy

Zebra cake and qatsi juice. I researched especially for this post and ‘qatsi’ is actually what we call ‘Sea Buckthorn’ in English. I hadn’t heard of it but it’s quite popular here, as well as in icecream form

P1080504 copy

I was doing my best to channel Sofia Loren, and turtle necks always make me feel more sophisticated.

My top was bought in a shop I can’t remember the name of on Marjanishvili but I don’t think the shop is here anymore and I don’t know if they’re international so find a similar oneย here!

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P1080508 copy

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These two reminded me of my friend Eilish and I when we’d take my dog on walks back in my hometown

We spent some time here chatting about possible garden ideas and what we’ll do if/when we get some land in Kakheti.

Y’know, romantic stuff.

We also talked about the fact that it was my third birthday together (yes, we met when I was 18 and were a couple about a week before I turned 19), and if we can find a way to get to Algiers or Nepal this year. Now the seed has been planted I’m pretty keen to make it work!

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I absolutely loved the colours of the cafe, although didn’t actually go inside. Dark green and white are forever the best combination. The colours I weren’t so okay with were the black servant statues on the doorstep though…

P1080502 copy

I spent most of the time admiring this scene, which reminded me of a Roland Ansieau poster. I love everything about Art Deco posters, it was what made me take Graphic Design at college. I’ve spent the last half an hour scrolling through and have decided that once I’ve finished this post, exercised and had some food I will sit down and paint something. If it’s successful you might even see it on here!

The rest of the day involved basking and reading in the sun together in a newly-discovered grassy spot before heading out in the evening to a BBQ in Vake. More on that later.

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15 thoughts on “Gardenia Shevardnadze

  1. Linda says:

    Hello Chloe! We have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award which is a way for fellow bloggers to reach out to one another and discover new blogs too. Details can be found on our blog post:

    Thereโ€™s absolutely no obligation to participate but should you decide to go ahead with it, do give us a shout as we are very interested to read your responses to our questions.

    Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing more amazing posts & photos from you.

    Linda & Heidi


  2. Chelsea Davis says:

    Gorgeous pics! Ah one day when I have my own place with a nice backyard, I’m definitely going to start a garden and grow an eclectic bunch of plants! Especially love the strawberry plant you bought ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, thanks so much for the follow! Cheers!


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