Ten things that made me happy this week!

This week april
Sorry for the lack of activity this week, it’s been chaos! Today is Easter Sunday in Georgia and we’ve been preparing for today and tomorrow for the last three days. Shota’s sister, dad and his nephews are here to celebrate with us so we’ve mostly been cooking, eating, more cooking, more eating… You get the idea. As much as it’s crazy here at the moment thanks to these two crazy kids, it’s refreshing to spend some time with Shota’s family since his sister and dad both live in different parts of Georgia.

As I typed this, I was handed a hot slice of khachapuri, so you can see what sort of predicament I’m in!

1: I’ve discovered a sort of Gibson Girl-esque hairstyle that works well with my hair. I had it cut recently and they did it too short as usual, so in the meantime I’ve been trying to find a more relaxed hairstyle that suits. In the photo you can kind of see but it was windy and just looks a mess…

2: Since it’s Easter this week and was also the anniversary of the 9th April here, Shota’s been off work since Thursday and doesn’t go back until Tuesday. So plenty of time for kissin’, not missin’.

3: I finished the essay! Finally! I was working in the midst of chaos with two crazy Georgian kids wrestling with their uncle. I managed to finish the entire bibliography within about 2 hours so I guess I concentrate better in madness than in silence.

4: I had a really good belly-laugh for the first time in ages about something Shota did the other day. It’s been such a long time, we were both in hysterics with red cheeks and tears streaming… There’s nothing better!

5: Discovering nice new places. Tbilisi is so small and I’ve got into my head that I’ve seen it all already, which definitely isn’t the case as I found out last week. I discovered a street full of little galleries and a British pub in the center, and a beautiful wooded area near our house – so inspiring.

6: Oxford won the boat race! It’s the one thing I get competitive about. The women and the men thrashed Cambridge!

7: Getting to hear more about the dynamics of village life in Georgia when chatting to Shota’s sister through Shota’s translations. Very admirable I have to say.

8: Vanilla muffins because sometimes life gets you down. That, and I’m indulging before I embrace Veganism next week…

9: I’ve started reading Ulysses which I’ve been excited about for so long now. It means I have three books on the go simultaneously but they’re all wonderful, I’ll do a post about it soon!

10: Feeding street-savvy kittens when eating outside in Shardeni Street… It’s the touristy area but we fancied pizza and cake, and I can’t get enough of the people-watching. Also yes, it was warm enough to eat outside! I miss British spring though, it’s so fresh and sunny but in Georgia it’s much more of an April showers kind of place… It’s okay knowing that summer will be a guaranteed scorcher though!


7 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. amilinda says:

    Thank you for the follow 😀 and I’m so happy that you did, otherwise I might not have come across your blog! I’m also a keen traveler and photographer, and it’s always interesting to read about other people’s experiences! xxx


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