Ten things that made me happy this week!

10 things march

Happy Easter! It’s Easter back home anyway and yes, I am missing a chocolate egg this year… Next weekend is Easter here and it’s such a different process compared to in the UK so I’ll definitely share that. Lately I’ve had quite dull days just trying to get some things done and organise work etc etc so nothing too exciting, but tonight we’re out for a supra (a blog post will definitely follow on that, it’s quite an experience) so it’ll be a good excuse to relax a bit with friends.

1: You saw my post about getting organised? I actually wrote it more to motivate myself since I’ve been struggling recently to organise my thoughts, and just doing a few of those things has helped me massively this week.

2: Thanks to getting myself organised, I’ve also managed to blast through most of this essay. I have about 700 words to go plus some tweaking and referencing but it’s quite shameful that I managed to get the bulk of it done within a day or two when I finally got myself into it, when I’ve been so lazy with it for a month now!

3: Seasonal veg and veg shopping in general. I think since moving in with Shota, I’ve found the domestic things so fun. It sounds lame but I could spend all day at the bazaar stocking up on veg. It’s so nice here where it’s all fresh and pretty much straight from peoples’ gardens, it’s much more natural and smells amazing!

4: Gaining some more students! I’m still quite nervous about it all but it’s reassuring when people are so enthusiastic and supportive when learning English. My timetable is slowly filling up so I should really finish this essay before it’s too late!

5: Meeting some new friends-of-friends this week. It’s always refreshing to meet new people and the experiences and conversations with other foreigners in Georgia is always enlightening, if not bewildering…

6: Our neighbourhood rooster who always takes  a stroll around our garden. I can’t seem to get a good photo of him but he’s rather handsome!

7: Polite service at the chemist the other day. You know I say it’s hard to find good service here, but when people are actually nice I’m amazed and it leaves me smiling all day.

8: Preparing for Easter! So I mentioned before that Easter is the biggest celebration in Georgia (even more so than Christmas) and there’s lots to prepare and do over the course of the next week. I’ll definitely do a post about it and do my best to explain because, I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by how these sort of celebrations vary in different countries.

9: A new icecream place Erika and I discovered! They even served icecream spaghetti which I’m perversely intrigued by… We paid 20GEL for the one in the picture and shared it, it was bigger than my head. I can only imagine what would happen if we had one each!

10: Chatting with my brother and hearing how well he’s doing for himself at the moment. It’s taken him a while and he’s not doing it the conventional way but I’m a proud little sister!

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend! How do you celebrate Easter?


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