Gudauri in February, Georgia


Ananuri, Georgia


Ananuri, Georgia


Ananuri, Georgia


Ananuri, Georgia

I know this post is quite late but to be fair it did snow here today so it’s not too irrelevant. This will be quite a photo-heavy post so get yourself comfy and warm – these photos will give you goosebumps!

In February I went skiing for the first time. In Georgia almost everyone goes skiing in Gudauri, which is located on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountain range. Ananuri is a castle which we stopped-off at on the way, reminding me what I love about Georgia. Who can deny that scenery and history?!




Hada Hut Gudauri

This was the view from where we were staying – a place called Hada Hut Gudauri located on the second slope, where our friend was working and managing. Such a lovely place but it’s quite surreal to wake up to the next day!


The first day we decided to relax, eat, drink and dance. I spent most of my time curled up by the central fireplace (!) and drinking mug after mug of mulled wine.



We had about an hour to get some obligatory photos before sunset. The drive from Tbilisi takes about 2 hours and there’s some scary roads so it’s best to go during the day!





The next day we actually went skiing… Shota’s been before and was nice enough to teach me and Tika before we gave up and took refuge in one of the cafes instead. There’s only so many times I can slide full-speed down a hill on my back without wanting to cry! I’m glad I experienced it though and it wasn’t as bad as I expected (considering all of my bones are in tact). The landscape was really where it impressed me though, I’m not so fussed about skiing. That and the dogs there are basically wolves (and I think there were wolves not far from our hostel judging by the masses of footprints the next morning!)



I need a fireplace like this!


Forgive the hat hair…

After a few hours of skiing/falling/comfort eating, we grabbed our stuff and headed back for Tbilisi. Everyone had work the next day and we wanted to make it before the traffic so it’s really great that it’s so close to the capital. Also we managed to get past all the scary roads before dusk so I was happy, achy but happy.

If you’d like more details about visiting Gudauri to ski next season (usually between December – April) then by all means contact me! It’s really very cheap to stay and also to hire equipment, especially compared to the Alps. Just grab a plane ticket and I’ll recommend places in Georgia (it’s such a small country you could see most of it within 2 weeks!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, have you ever been skiing?


17 thoughts on “Gudauri in February, Georgia

  1. awtytravels says:

    That looks like something! 🙂 I have friends who went ski-alpinism (you hike the way up and sky downhill, basically) in Georgia and Iran and loved both of them, especially the lack of annoying Porsche Cayenne-driving Italian lunatics or drunk Brits. Mountains are the best environment in the world and I’m not saying that because I was born on some, no. I’m absolutely impartial. 😀


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