Ten things that made me happy this week!

This week march 3
This week has really tested my patience but the simple things have kept me smiling… Hopefully next week will be a little more optimistic!

1:  Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are going to have a baby! Babies are always good news, but this is even more reason for me to plan a post about Amanda Palmer and why I like her so much. I discovered The Dresden Dolls almost 10 years ago now (perfect for my angsty teen stage) and I still listen to them regularly. Amanda Palmer’s solo music is more for when I’m in a certain mood but I still love it and her whole approach to the industry is just perfect. Go and read her book and see how perfect she is. I saw her live in London a few years ago and it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. I was given a flower by the person next to me and she had us all doing aerobics at one point. I’ll save the spewing of love for another post but yes.

2: I finally came prepared with sausage to give to the adorable shmoog near my student’s house. I think I’ve included dogs in every post so far but I’m sure you understand.

3: The accordion players in Tbilisi. I absolutely love the accordion and am amazed when anyone can play it well. So I always give them some change and smile and all of my frustrations vanish – for a second I feel like I’m in a fairytale in Paris or something. The gravelly-voiced one on the metro is charming too but I think I’m the only passenger that thinks so..

4: This weekend Shota and I chose our materials for the flat, like the tiles and flooring stuff. I get so bored being in those kind of places but it was exciting to see it start taking shape!

5: Blossom everywhere! Hello Spring! The first day of spring was welcomed in Tbilisi with heavy snow. Only the ducks were enjoying it. Sure looked pretty though. The weather is so odd here, snowing one day and too hot for a jumper the next.

6: The blogging community is growing, I’m so happy to get to know you all and see what you’re posting. It’s so good to chat with like-minded people and learn something new. Technology is amazing huh!

7: I found spinach in the bazaar. It doesn’t sound like much but buying it from the supermarkets is so expensive in comparison. Plus spinach is perfect with everything.

8: I can feel my Georgian improving. I understand the general gist of most conversations now and can sort of hold a conversation when necessary too. I’d like to do a post about the Georgian language since it’s very unique but maybe I’ll save it for a video (yes I’d like to start making videos soon but am having some technical difficulties at the moment).

9: Finally getting some time to relax more with Shota when we’ve been so busy recently. It really feels like we’re growing together and he just gets sweeter and sweeter everyday!

10: Skyping our friend in Berlin who’s always so supportive and excited to hear what we’re up to. Him and his wife are just the perfect couple, so intelligent and refreshing to be around. We visited them in January and it completely reaffirmed my love for Berlin!

What have been your highlights this week?


4 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Design Diagram says:

    Thank you for following! 🙂 Just scrolled through and the words “my love for Berlin” were the ones that popped like a red flag! We have that in common!
    Happy Sunday!

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