Lazy Sundays


It’s been one of those days. We were reluctant to venture out into the rain today just for the sake of responsibilities and food shopping so we decided to huddle-up inside and avoid other human interaction. God, was it needed. Shota’s so busy with work and doesn’t get much time to just lay down and be quiet so he spent some time reading today while I worked on my website. Enjoying each others’ company without a word being said and it was lovely. Sometimes a day to rejuvenate is necessary so I made a cleansing smoothie (pictured) and we made a simple dinner since we didn’t actually manage to go food shopping like we intended…

The smoothie is made of just a handful of fresh spinach, half a broccoli head, two chopped apples, water and ginger. It looks a bit like pond water and smells like it too so if you’re a bit cautious around leafy green smoothies then maybe avoid it. I really enjoyed it though, it’s refreshing but with some punch to it thanks to the knob of ginger. Maybe we should’ve juiced it instead for a smoother taste but I’m lazy. If you like something sweeter then by all means add more carrots or apples to balance it but I think it’s tasty in its own right. It’s so good to try and throw in some leafy greens like spinach and broccoli, even into sweet smoothies. They’re full of vitamins and it feels like you’re drinking an army to protect you from Spring colds and hayfever!

We roasted a chicken for tonight’s dinner. Doused in oil, salt, dried rosmary and with half a lemon inside and surrounded by glistening potatoes, broccoli, carrots and a little bit of red pepper. I personally don’t like the chicken but Shota loved it, and it means we have some scraps to give to the local shmoogs too (one of which I saw burying a loaf of bread earlier, very clever).

I can’t wait to move out of this flat and into the new one. This building we’re in at the moment is very old, barely anything works and the kitchen depresses me. There’s no window so natural light and air is impossible so bear with me with the crappy photos. The photo above does a good job of displaying our table though. The juicer is amazing and can be bought here although it’s a pain in the arse to clean. Do you like our BFG wine bottle? The wine is homemade, given to us by Shota’s brother-in-law. Georgians are big on their wine especially in Kakheti where his sister and her family live. This is a white wine although looks more like rosé. It’s very dry and quite strong… Yes I am a little tipsy as I’m typing this.

When I’m inside all day I absolutely love spending time cooking, cleaning and being domestic. There’s something quite satisfying about tidying your home with your sweet only to relax together with a film afterwards. I’m determined to make this coming week more progressive and productive, technology won’t get the better of me now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend too! What’s a typical Sunday like for you?


One thought on “Lazy Sundays

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    Looking fresh and delicious here 🙂 My Sundays typically include spending time with my partner the whole day, since we only see each other on Sundays (the occasional Saturdays or during the week). We like to go on adventures such as hiking or driving up the north or south coast of NSW, movie date, picnic dates, go shopping together or our favourite stay in all day and just play games! 🙂


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