Dangerous Eastern Europeans


Now be patient with me before you think this is a rant about foreigners…

I’ve been fascinated by Eastern Europe ever since I first traveled to Poland and Bulgaria. In Poland I met few people, mostly friends of friends who were hosting us and mostly men. They were so polite and such gentlemen – it was my first experience of a man holding a door open for me, looking after me and offering to carry my bags. In the Western world and Britain in particular, this isn’t so common. I find the majority of British men to be either too arrogant or too stupid, there’s not much inbetween. The same could easily be said for American men too but I’ll resist since I don’t know as many.

Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself in a relationship with a Caucasian man. You could call him Eastern European, Middle Eastern or Asian depending on your politics although most Georgians like to consider themselves European (hence some tensions with Russia at the moment…). He has to be one of the politest men I’ve ever met which amazes me when I see people are quite rude here in my take of the word. I’ll avoid getting gushy about him but you see my point.

It’s not just the Eastern European men who are dangerous, the girls too. They always dress so well and have a hard time dealing with work/babies like society expects them to, yet they do it so effortlessly without complaint. Now that’s not exactly what I wanted to mention but for a Western girl I’m always admiring people here and their attitudes. When the rest of the world realises how impressive this part of the world is, we’re all screwed.

The average Eastern European (or Europeans in general except us Brits) have atleast 3 languages under their belt. I know a Georgian man who can speak Georgian, Russian, English, German and Polish. Just casually. The Lithuanian and Latvian girls I studied with in the UK told me about their education being more traditional and skills-based (art education anyway, they could draw photorealistic portraits). The mentality towards education here is enthusiastic and kids know several languages already, and probably have piano lessons, dance lessons, art lessons and anything else you can think of. In the UK, not so much.

What I’m trying to say is these people are seriously skilled, the rest of the world should watch out. As soon as everyone gets past their stereotypes of them, we don’t stand a chance. I will forever be jealous and amazed by their knowledge, and with such rich histories, cultures and traditions it makes me wonder what it is that makes the UK so desirable to people who have so much more. In the UK we’re terrible and being patriotic for the right reasons, most people have their heads too far up Jeremy Clarkson’s arse to be proud about our countryside or our scientists.

Multiple languages: ✓
Rich cultures: ✓
Interesting histories: ✓
Land for the people to use: ✓
Not expensive: ✓
Taught about several countries’ literature at school: ✓
Beautiful, old cities: ✓
Dedicated to education: ✓

Now if they introduce a Feminist movement, proper sex education, better healthcare and get rid of the threat of Russia, this part of the world would be almost perfect!


13 thoughts on “Dangerous Eastern Europeans

  1. transforminglifenow says:

    I’ve never been to Eastern Europe, but I have read many many books about their histories. I agree with you. They do seem to have it all together (except for the female rights “thing”); and I absolutely love their high expectations of education. I’m from the U.S. where heaven forbid you be smart – that’s just so not cool! We could learn a lot from them! 🙂


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I think the UK and the US share a lot of aspects of mentality, it’s so disappointing about the education thing. I know education is a high level in the west, but that doesn’t mean people have a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards it! Such a shame that kids are only just being encouraged to learn a foreign language and that we’re only encouraged to go to uni to be in debt afterwards rather than because it’s beneficial to our job prospect afterwards! Not that it isn’t, but the competition (in the UK anyway) makes it all seem invalid. Sigh. If only we were encouraged in the same way as in Eastern Europe! I wish I could’ve been taught Dostoyevsky and Kafka at school but instead they’re tightening the belt and teaching only British literature now (not even American anymore!). Ooft.

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  2. awtytravels says:

    You forgot about brilliant food, good alcohol (and Georgia seriously kicks ass when it comes to wine), a can-do attitude and people who can have a laugh without treating you like a second class citizen. Had they not been plagued by 50 (or 75, depending on where you go) years of Communism I’m damn sure that it wouldn’t be Poles or Romanian doing cleaning jobs in the UK or Italy. It might’ve been the other way round.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      How could I forget the cuisine?! It sort of goes without saying. I completely agree, and yet us westerners are so damn self-righteous. I’m seeing more of the reality living in Georgia, I can really understand how the chain reaction went and why they’re in this state now. Sigh

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      • awtytravels says:

        A good thing that I’ve seen in Hungary, Poland, Georgia etc is that things are definitely on the mend, and there’s more optimism than, say, a couple of years ago.


  3. 'ter says:

    I love it, “crap equality, crap education, crap healthcare and a Russian Fascist totalitarian state on the doorstep,” get rid of those “few favourite things” and hey presto, near utopia here we come.

    I think you might have better luck trying to colonize another planet – like Oxford – dah-ding !!!

    WAHEY – ‘ter

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  4. 'ter says:

    I think you’re probably going to have to dream on quite a bit before anything much changes in East Europe that might come anywhere near what you’ve got in Oxford – but hell, what is it they say, “you only miss it when it’s gone” – which reminds me, I must check the contents of my underpants this year !!!

    See ya ~ ‘ter


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