What’s in My (New) Bag?

Bag 1

bag 2

bag 5

bag 3

Not pictured: all the receipts, bus tickets and chocolate bar wrappers that usually accumulate in the depths

Yesterday I finally gave into temptation and bought the bag I’ve been coveting from Zara on Rustaveli. I’ve wanted a large handbag for a while now for practicality purposes, although originally kept to smaller handbags to force myself not to carry so much crap around with me. This burgundy handbag above is from M&S, and I bought it in October (although exchanged it for a new one in December because the zip was dodgy). I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size for my essentials and goes with everything since it’s such a compact, elegant style. It’s from their Autograph collection but from what I can see online, this or this is the closest you’ll find to it now.

As much as I love this bag and how small it is, it was beginning to bulge at the seams as my notebook grows. While I’m teaching I like to carry some extra things with me, and I’ve always been the kind of girl to store cookies in there for emergencies. Another thing I always carry is a water bottle which I can’t do with a smaller bag. In Tbilisi it can get awfully loud and dusty, so water is a necessity. This bag I bought from Zara is a dream. You can see in the photo above how many compartments and pockets it has! It’s huge, but lightweight and great for everyday use, despite not being as casual as a beach bag or something. I like more classic styles so usually opt for browns, dark reds, dark greens etc. Also something quite simple without loads of fuss, so you can see why I fell in love with this one.

bag 4

So what’s in my bag? One thing that always amuses me is Shota’s fear to delve into my handbag. He’s also impressed that I always carry what I need “like a Mongolian soldier” which is only going to get more impressive with a bigger, Mary Poppins-esque bag. (Throughout this blog you’re going to catch on to my desire to be Julie Andrews…). The essentials in my bag are pictured minus my phone. So my purse, of course, loaded with hair pins instead of money. The purse is something I got given for Christmas a few years back which I initially used just when travelling but I liked the size of it so much I gave up on my larger, more sophisticated one for this.

My makeup bag is always bulging and I have no idea why. I carry powder, concealer, blush,eyeliner, mascara and some lipsticks makeup-wise. Then nail clippers, a swiss army knife, tweezers and more hair pins on top of that. Cosmetic stuff usually consists of deodorant (I’m a massive fan of roll-on over stinging sprays), tampons (which may I add are quite hard to come by in Tbilisi), Compeed Blister Patches for new shoes, and various tissues and hair clips. Yes, I am one of those girls who has tissues up her sleeve too. Toilets everywhere here don’t seem to stock tissue (these ladies drip dry without complaint?!) and I’m determined to never get caught-out with that.

My camera isn’t something I carry often but one of the main reasons I wanted a bigger bag was so I could. It makes me lazy otherwise and really, until I started using it for this blog, I forgot how impressive it can be. I’ve always carried a notebook, who knows when you need paper and a pen? I hope to get back into the habit of carrying a sketchbook soon too!

What are your essentials? Do you alternate between bags or have one for everything? I always admire women who have a new bag for every occasion! How is it possible?!


11 thoughts on “What’s in My (New) Bag?

  1. mysweetmelange says:

    Oh, I really like your purse! What a beautiful colour! 🙂
    I usually take the smallest handbag available, if I don’t need anything more than my money, calendar and phone. On other days, I use a big over-the shoulder handbag to carry around all sorts of stuff, even pj’s or shoes, if I stay over night at a friends’ party or something. Usually, I try to take as little as possible with me, kind of the minimalist approach.


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I always try to be minimalist then I catch myself missing something when I’m out! I admire your dedication, really (: I love being able to fit so much into a bag but I’m so used to my smaller one where I barely even feel like I’m carrying anything!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. luluscribbles says:

    I love your bag choices! I alternate between bags. I’ve got several, but I keep to about 3 of them. I have a deep red messenger style bag from Coach that I like to carry when I’m out and about (and need more carry space, since I can even fit a 13″ MacBook Air in there–I don’t have one, but for size comparison purposes I thought to share that tidbit), and then on school and more casual days, I just carry a small purse: I would rotate between a black fabric one, to a light beige coloured pleather one (for days when my outfit is more light and pastel colours, to match). Since I’m a student, I also proudly own a light blue and navy coloured Hershel ‘Little America’ backpack. 😀


    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I admire your dedication! They all sound great, especially if they’re practical too! I wanted a bigger one to be able to carry a laptop too but I think my laptop would be far too heavy ha. Backpacks are forever the most practical bag though, they always make me feel like a child so I’m very jealous when people can pull them off! When I went backpacking around Europe I was so happy to have everything I needed in one place, and it wasn’t even that heavy to carry!

      Liked by 1 person

      • luluscribbles says:

        Well, I just LOOK like a child regardless. Lol, backpack or no backpack. 😛
        I’ve stubbornly refused to wear backpacks for school for a while, but you can’t honestly beat practicality. And, always carrying a laptop on one shoulder is bad for posture. Do it for the posture! 😛


  3. hey-mango says:

    I just bought the bag in the top two photos yesterday! I had to give into temptation to get it as well, but I think it’s definitely worth the purchase. It’s so gorgeous, and so functional. I can even fit my laptop in the centre pocket. Here’s hoping we both get a lot of use out of it!


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