Noodle Pots!

Noodles in a jar? Is there anything better? These last for a few days in an air-tight container so definitely make up a batch! 

Boil off your noodles (I used really thin pasta/spaghetti) and place in the bottom of your jar. Let it cool for a bit and add some sauces. Miso would be perfect but I didn’t have any so I just added 2 tbsp of soy sauce and 2 tbsp or BonAsia sauce which is red and quite spicy. This was actually a little too spicy for me but trial and error. Then add your chopped veg. I used carrot, broccoli, mushrooms, fresh corriander and a bit of ginger (careful not to eat it like I did, your nose will sting for the entire evening)!). Seal it up and put it in the fridge for when you fancy. Then just add boiling water until your veg is swimming and wait for the sauce and flavours to diffuse. It should be a succulent red before you demolish. Treat it like a healthy Pot Noodle, so maybe give it a little stir. 

*You can easily add some cooked chicken or beef or even prawns straight in after your pasta and sauces when preparing.

Let me know what you think, enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Noodle Pots!

    • itstartedinoxford says:

      I hope he enjoys! My man loved it and he’s not so experienced with Asian-style foods. Beware of the spice though! It seems the longer it sits, the spicier it gets so maybe it will take some trial and error (:


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