Perfect Puff Pastry Pesto Parcels! 

If you’re like me and you enjoy anything that involves pastry and/or melted cheese then this is for you.

I got my hands on some frozen puff pastry last weekend (cheat, I know but I’m a 21st century woman) and decided to play around a bit.

All you need is

A roll of pastry sheets (but a square about 25cm2 per person)

Veg (I used peppers, mushroom, broccoli, carrot and fresh corriander and dill)

Tomato purée 

Some grated cheese, I used cheddar but anything Italian would be perfect too

Pesto Verde

Just chop up your veg quite chunkily, and roast with a drizzle of oil for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile prepare your pastry squares by scoring them with a fork but leaving a border around the edge. Then spread over some tomato paste (not too thick, the tomato purée is quite sweet).

Next pile on your veg (it’s a balancing act if you did as much as me) and top with your grated cheese or whatever else you fancy. Bacon? Spinach? Maple syrup? Whatever.

And pop into the oven for about 20-30 minutes but keep an eye on it. My pastry was quite thick so be warned. It would be a good idea to brush some egg over the edges to glaze but I forgot about this today.

When it looks golden brown and your pastry is good and flaky, and some dollops of pesto and tuck in!


6 thoughts on “Perfect Puff Pastry Pesto Parcels! 

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    Love what’s happening in the post title, ‘p’. I tried to say it real fast.. I failed. But, the parcels look enticing 😀


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