Living in Verbs


Sorry for the front camera quality but look at his face! He’s a Staffy crossed with a Lurcher so equally as meaty as he is gangly and tall.

Eating Cheese on toast! I finally found Cheddar cheese and Worcester Sauce in Tbilisi!

Drinking  water, water and more water – I’m determined to stay hydrated today

Reading To Kill a Mockingbird‘ by Harper Lee when I travel, and Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution‘ at home

Loving being cosy at home with the smell of pie and the sound of rain and wind outside

Wearing my cute tan loafers I bought the other week at F&F which have subsequently sabotaged my feet, ouch!

Planning an essay focused on either gender or race issues, I’m thinking gender because Beauvoir…

Baking do noodles count as baking?

Anticipating making art with Erika and baby Michaela later this week!

Craving cuddles with my shmoog! His name is Pogo, not shmoog but I’m missing him and my elderly kittyboop back home

Listening to some Georgians practice traditional instruments in a music hall near where we live. It sounds chaotic and loud but so beautiful!

Wondering what other dishes I can make with the puff pastry left over in the fridge?

Learning serious time-management skills this week! Oh, and HTML coding (:

Searching for cheap plane tickets to be able to visit home for my birthday…

Cooking something which involves pesto, so it’s gonna be good

Wishing for the flat to be finished so we can move in! I can’t wait to have flowers on the balcony

Choosing tiles or laminate? Pesto Rouge or Pesto Verde? Hair up or hair down?

Trying to stay motivated with my exercise regime! It’s so quick and simple but it’s just getting off my arse to do it

What’s new with you? Is your life equally as thrilling at the moment?


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