Ten things that made me happy this week!

This week march 1

1: International Women’s Day! Now let’s make it apply all year round and we’ll be good.

2: Planting flowers with Shota’s sister today. Windy weather but so humbling!

3: How beautiful the moon has been this week! Such clear skies all week except for last night and tonight where the rain has finally arrived.

4: Little Lizi singing to us at a piano played by her mum on Tuesday

5: Finding noodles at a Japanese restaurant called Kyoto on Rustaveli. Gemrielia!

6: The jolly man who let us look through his telescope at the moon and Jupiter with the most comical accent I’ve heard. He was like a cartoon character.

7: Polite taxi drivers. Our taxi driver the other day in an old Soviet car was so overly-polite it reminded me of home. Very peculiar in a land where it’s completely unnecessary to say your p’s and q’s.

8: Nino Deda’s incredible cooking.

9: Skyping my dad for the first time in a week yesterday, his internet wasn’t working.

10: The smell of the steak & ale pie I made today. It didn’t taste exactly how it should’ve, nor did it look particularly appetising, but the smell of ale and beef stew is home to me.

What are your highlights this week? I’d love to hear and spread the positivity!


4 thoughts on “Ten things that made me happy this week!

    • itstartedinoxford says:

      Thanks, although the photo didn’t do it any justice. Beautiful moon all week, maybe it knew it was International Women’s Day yesterday? Ohh bread here is a big deal but that one was brioche which is more adventurous than most Georgians are willing to try. We’ve managed to demolish the entire loaf within 2 days. As for the butter that was my boyfriend’s choice, it’s far too sweet for me with both!


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