Spring Pickings

Spring pickings

This is by far my favourite time of year. It’s warm enough to wear light, relaxed clothes but cold enough that you won’t be sweltering in a pencil skirt! Here’s what I’d like for spring. I decided to choose (clothes) shops that are also here in Tbilisi because if/when I buy these things I’d like to see them in person. As much as I love online shopping, it’s a bit of a pain in the arse when my size isn’t average. I always have to try things on to see how they fit. I hope these posts will give you a bit more of an idea of what my tastes are like. I’m no guru but I’m quietly obsessed with film noir and classic Hollywood. If I could dress like Sophia Loren all the time I would!

1: Morris and Co. Strawberry Thief Cushion, Chocolate. John Lewis
I haven’t let loose on here about my William Morris obsession yet but he’s forever one of my favourite designers. Inspired by nature and anti-Capitalism can never be a bad idea (she says, creating a consumerist list for you all). Anyway look how sweet this is!

2: Dita Von Teese Starlift Balconette Bra, ASOS
I’m pretty much in love with everything Dita has created, but this is beautiful. Recently I can’t get enough of light pinks and beiges, they remind me of Bottecelli paintings. Unfortunately, a lot of her bras aren’t available in my size thanks to retailers, so I’ll just keep yearning from a distance…

3: Dress with low-cut back, Zara
I have to admit I’d never bothered much with Zara whilst in the UK, the shop in Oxford always seemed so boring to me but since coming to Tbilisi Zara is by far my favourite. I’d happily wear 90% of what they have to offer. They manage to bring a classic look to everyday outfits which I love. This dress is the perfect cut for me, and I’m in love with low-cut backs on anything (Sophia Loren remember). The pattern would usually be too bold for me to choose but I’m trying so hard to venture away from my comfort zone i.e – navy blue, no patterns.

4: Camel Slim Cigarette Pants, River Island
Again, this style is adventurous for me as I have quite wide hips I’d usually avoid this sort of style. In this case though, the tailored cut and high waist lured me in… And isn’t the colour perfect?!

5: Box Pleats Jacquard Midi Skirt, Zara
I told you I can’t get enough of Zara. This skirt is pretty much what I’ve been after since I first watched ‘An American in Paris’. I absolutely love midi skirts. I’m tall, the general length of dresses and skirts these days are far too short on me and struggle to cover my generously-sized derriere. Not only does this style hide my behind but it also emphases my waist. I love the subtle pattern too, and the fact the fabric seems quite heavy – perfect for breezy spring days. That, and it has pockets!

6: White Flounce Lace Tier Bardot Neck Gypsy Crop Top, New Look
I’ve been furiously against crop tops since overcoming my love for B’Witched in the late ’90s. Recently however I purchased a cute white jumper from New Look which goes perfectly with a black pencil skirt I already had. It’s comfortable too and looks less frumpy than wearing a full length jumper with it. Since I love pencil skirts, I’m slowly beginning to see crop tops in a new light. This one screams Loren (or Bardot, whatever) and looks so comfortable. Off-shoulder is always a good excuse not to wear a bra too on those hot summer days.

7: Trenchcoat, Zara
This classic trenchcoat is one I’ve been after for years too. Not only do I love the colour but the pleathery material is heavier and more practical for blustery March weather. Otherwise take note that I am completely against pleather in any other form. Wet-look leggings have only just got popular in Tbilisi and they make even less sense to me the second time round.

8: Royal Albert Three Piece ‘100 Years of’ 1940 English Chintz Tea Set, Debenhams
I’ve already told you how much I like tea, and the routine of drinking and chatting over a cuppa. I am British afterall, I don’t care how stereotypical that is. This is also probably the most British-looking tea set but I love it. Again classic styles that are simply pretty and practical. My William Morris is showing.

9: Pale Pink Duster Jacket, Next
Finally, this jacket looks so comfortable and the colour is exactly in my good books at the moment. I’d be concerned about sitting or spilling something which I tend to do but otherwise it’s so elegant yet casual – perfect! The length is great too, for those days when the trenchcoat from Zara isn’t necessary.

What do you think of my picks? Would you like to see more posts like this alongside my musings?


9 thoughts on “Spring Pickings

  1. luluscribbles says:

    2, 3, 7, 8 & 9 are my favourites from this post! You have a great style! I would own long pencil skirts and trench coats if I was, oh, NOT 4’11 3/4″… 😛 But I’ll just admire them on other people.


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